The Wellvibe Story

First came the need. Then came the solution.

Businesses needed wellness and health management tracking, but HR administrators were drowning in siloed solutions and complicated spreadsheets.

In 2008, an independent broker developed Wellvibe, and HR departments everywhere expressed a sigh of relief. Finally, there was an all-in-one hub for wellness and health management and tracking was effortless. Administrators could get back to doing what they were hired to do. And it was all HIPAA compliant.

Everyone was happy. But that’s not the end of the story.

Wellvibe turns out to be more than just a wellness engagement and incentive tracking tool for administrators. It’s a wellness engagement tool for employees. Wellvibe focuses on heightening

the employee experience making wellness simple, fun and easy to achieve. Better yet, it’s not just for employees and members but also for their spouses and partners.

Today, Wellvibe is a supercharged wellness engagement platform. And we’re not finished yet. Our innovators are constantly coming up with technologies to enhance the Wellvibe experience for users, and simplify it for administrators.

We’re working hard to make things easy for you!

What does wellness and health management mean to us?

For us, it’s about transforming the traditional top-down “wellness plan” mindset into a modern bottom-up “employee wellness” mindset. The Future of Work at Wellvibe is about all the health and well-being of YOU, the consumer. Healthy and happy people make for healthy and successful businesses. We want you to be connected with the resources and tools to be healthier. Wellvibe will help you get there!

Meet The Team

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