Chronic Disease

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  Did you know that the single most effective way of controlling your health care costs is by controlling chronic disease? Chronic disease accounts for 75 cents of every dollar spent on medical care in the United States. It wasn’t always that way. There was a time when infectious diseases were a major cause of […]

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Metabolic Syndrome

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  Metabolic Syndrome is the name for a cluster of conditions that occur together and increase your risk for heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Many of these conditions are symptomless. But a simple biometric screening will tell whether they are present. Biometric screening looks for five risk factors: high fasting blood sugar, high blood pressure, […]

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Wellness That Works: Putting Action Into Plans

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  The goal behind wellness plans is simple: Healthy lifestyles mean healthy people; healthy people mean lower claims costs and higher productivity. Many plans fall short of that goal. But Wellvibe is different. Wellvibe isn’t a wellness plan; it’s a health management plan. What does health management do for a wellness plan? It makes things […]

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