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Biometric Screening

A Biometric Screening is one of Wellvibe’s primary activities. Typically, a Biometric Screening is assigned to members of Wellvibe through their employer to help identify individuals who have risk factors for heart disease, diabetes, stroke and more.

Wellvibe takes the results of the member’s biometric screening and analyzes the values. If the member’s values are out of range the Wellvibe system will automatically recommended a disease intervention program to help improve their health. No risk factors? Excellent. You get a thumbs-up and are encouraged to keep up the good work!

Biometric screenings may include measurements of your height, weight, blood pressure, waist circumference, glucose, total cholesterol, LDL, HDL, and triglycerides.


Why is this activity important?


Metabolic Syndrome: Revealing Your Risk

Knowing your numbers is the key to determining whether or not you are at risk for metabolic syndrome.

Number one, getting a biometric screening is an easy way to gauge where you are on your health spectrum. It will also tell you if you are at risk for Metabolic Syndrome.

Metabolic Syndrome is the name for a cluster of conditions that occur together and increase your risk for heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

Many of these conditions are symptomless. But a simple biometric screening will tell whether they are present.

Biometric screening looks for five risk factors: high fasting blood sugar, high blood pressure, high triglyceride levels, low HDL cholesterol and abdominal obesity (measured by waist circumference).

Metabolic Syndrome means three of those five conditions are present, increasing the individual’s risk of developing a chronic condition by 700 percent.

Put another way, Metabolic Syndrome is the birthplace of disease.

Biometric testing can be done in your workplace, at off-site clinics or through primary care physicians. A blood pressure reading, waist measurement and a finger stick to draw blood, and you’re done!


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