A wellness plan without health management is like a sports car without wheels — it might still look good, but it’s not going anywhere.

Wellness alone won’t take you down the road of ROI. It won’t deliver lower claims, or drive sustainable results, because WELLNESS doesn’t manage risk. That’s the role of Health Management, where the “Rubber meets the Road”.

Wellness is about promoting healthier lifestyles. That’s good, but it typically lacks the depth to identify and treat common health risks like diabetes, high blood pressure, or Metabolic Syndrome – all of which can lead to higher claim costs. As a result, it won’t deliver healthier employees, or your elusive ROI.

Effective health management can seem complex, because it encompasses a member’s entire health ecosystem. It starts with lifestyle, biometrics, and preventive care – just like a wellness program; but goes further to include primary care access, prescription & chronic disease management, major medical, education, and the coordination of health plan resources.

It's Natural!

The path to better health for one plan member may be quite different
from that of another.

Sounds complicated, right? But Wellvibe’s technology makes it easy — for both users and administrators. It organizes all those components into an easy-to-follow health road map that’s personalized, so each member receives the right amount of care delivered by the appropriate care resources based on their current health risk.

It provides real-time information, alerts and communication so members know what to do, and when to do it… making them accountable and empowered to take action. It employs clinical logic to continually update and adjust each member’s health experience, or road map, so they stay the course on a path to better health, resulting in a more productive employee.

Think of it this way: Health Management — like any journey — can take many different turns based on a person’s health, age, gender, plan design or even location. The path to better health for one plan member may be quite different from that of another.

With Wellvibe, we eliminate the guesswork by helping members choose the most appropriate path for them, based on their health and circumstances, to deliver better outcomes and sustainable results. But best of all, its easy to use so members can take an active role in managing their health. If members aren’t managing their health, there goes your ROI.



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