Wellvibe Resources



Wellvibe videos have been developed to help you learn more about Wellvibe. Enjoy!

Using Wellvibe – Overview


This 5 minute video provides a full introduction to Wellvibe. Covered topics include how to register, types of activities, engaging with activities, completing activities, personal privacy, viewing news and company announcements.

Wellness Plans and Health Management


Personal wellness starts with one step and so does the process of determining whether the programs you offer your employees are compliant with the HIPAA Wellness Rules under the Affordable Care Act. Traditional Wellness programs fall flat in their implementation and results. That’s where we’re different.

Wellvibe for Employers


Wellvibe lowers your claims costs, which is money in your pocket. Healthier employees have lower absenteeism which means increased productivity. A culture of wellness gives companies a competitive hiring edge and promotes employee retention. And Wellvibe accomplishes this without burdening your HR department.