Wellness That Works:
Putting Action Into Plans

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The goal behind wellness plans is simple: Healthy lifestyles mean healthy people; healthy people mean lower claims costs and higher productivity.

Many plans fall short of that goal. But Wellvibe is different. Wellvibe isn’t a wellness plan; it’s a health management plan.

What does health management do for a wellness plan? It makes things happen.

Human Resources

For HR, health management is measurable. Management is defined. And management is focused.


For the employee, it’s an engagement tool that links targeted, attainable goals to clear incentives.


For employers, it’s easy to administer and easy to measure risk, progress and results.


For providers, Wellvibe provides clinical alignment for market share leverage and coordinated care.


Where other plans fall flat, Wellvibe springs into action. It’s a management platform that enables you to reverse risk and lower costs, with long-term results.