What if wellness stopped
being warm and fuzzy . . .

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What if wellness stopped being warm and fuzzy. . . and started being meaningful and measurable?

The basis for Wellvibe and the reason for its success is a clinically proven approach to empowering health management. Think of Wellvibe as the technology behind the philosophy, the foundation for transformation.


Wellvibe: Empowering Health Management


Wellvibe is unique in the way it takes individual data to build a customized path to better health. This includes preventive measures before disease starts, support programs to manage disease, and incentive differentials to encourage engagement.

This three-pronged approach — stratification, transformation and accountability — is what drives long-term success.

Wellvibe isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach; it’s different for different people, based on their health status.

Wellvibe isn’t a plan on paper only; it’s a plan of action, and the required actions are clearly stated for each participant.

Wellvibe isn’t easily ignored; failure to comply has consequences, and successful completions are rewarded.

Wellvibe users are better informed consumers, too, thanks to activities that explain cost-effective utilization of medical services.

Change isn’t easy but with Wellvibe, it’s possible.