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The Wellvibe platform works on many levels, starting, of course, with healthier employees. Wellvibe works with the health and wellness providers you already use, connecting seamlessly with your current vendors to keep your program running smoothly. With the increased need for better, more personalized solutions for employee health and well-being, the unsustainable trajectory of rising health care costs, and the significant amount of regulatory pressure moving into the market, Wellvibe makes sense whether you’re an employer, provider or broker.


It’s a data center: Wellvibe tracks data on health, risk, compliance and utilization so you can monitor your group’s progress.

It’s a command center: Stratify your group and target specific activities that will benefit them most. A 52-year-old woman who is pre-diabetic will be on a different path than a 25-year-old man who smokes.

It’s a communication center: Wellvibe lets you convey clear expectations and meaningful incentives. It can import biometric data, and export results to a physician’s office.

Brokers & Providers

The Wellvibe platform is an independent product that can be resold and branded. You can brand Wellvibe as your own and sell it to clients, who can customize it to meet their needs.

Wellvibe enhances your traditional broker or provider or health plan services so you can bring more value to the table with this all-in-one wellness and health-management system that tracks and reports engagement and outcomes.

When brokers and providers buy the Wellvibe platform, they have a ready-made solution to address employee health & wellbeing and rising health care costs/claims.

Wellvibe works in the long term by identifying risk and providing personalized solutions to achieve sustainable results. And in the short term, Wellvibe’s engagement tools empower users to become actively engaged in their health.

And the best part? It doesn’t add to the administrative burden.

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