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Wellness alone won’t take you down the road of ROI. It won’t deliver lower claims, or drive sustainable results, because WELLNESS doesn’t manage risk. That’s the role of Health Management, where the “Rubber meets the Road”.

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When members sign in to Wellvibe for the first time, the system automatically adapts to their personal information, age and gender. A custom user interface is then created with clear direction in each activity. All activities come with simple instructions on what must be done to earn credit.

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For Brokers

The Wellvibe platform is an independent product that can be resold and branded. Brokers can brand Wellvibe as their own and sell it to clients, who can customize it to meet their needs. Instead of just offering traditional broker services, you can now bring more value to the table with this proven health-management system that will enable your clients to control their costs, now and into the future. When brokers buy the Wellvibe platform, they go to the table with a ready-made solution to their clients’ main concern: rising health care claims.Wellvibe works in the long term by identifying and reversing risk to achieve sustainable results. And in the short term, Wellvibe’s cost-effective tools mean lower claims when medical services are needed. And the best part? It doesn’t add to the administrative burden. Once it’s up and running, Wellvibe manages itself. How? First, it builds a personalized strategy for each user based on individual risk factors, lifestyle and claims history. Then it clearly communicates activities aimed to reduce risk, and delivers rewards upon completion. Clinical logic means it constantly adjusts the strategy and assigns new tasks as each member’s needs change. (Wellvibe also makes it easy for employers to assign their own tasks – if they’re sponsoring an educational seminar for pre-diabetics, for example.)The other side of health management involves utilization. Wellvibe provides tips and tools so members can make cost-effective decisions regarding medical services. Tools like telemedicine, pricing transparency, and ER alternatives.

Healthier employers. Smarter consumers. It all adds up to lower claims.

Wellvibe won’t put a burden on your brokerage, either. We take care of the implementation. We provide the marketing materials. Future system updates are included with the initial purchase. Wellvibe retains a percentage of each sale in exchange for ongoing support. You buy it once; you sell it as often as you like.

You may already be familiar with the Wellvibe platform and not realize it. It’s been implemented, to rave reviews, under such names as Bend the Trend, Health Matters, or EHL (Empowering Healthier Living).

And what companies are buying it? Those with fully funded plans that don’t have access to it through their carrier, for one. And employers who switched from fully funded to self-funded plans often lose their access to health management – just when they need to be most concerned about rising claims costs. The opportunity is there; you just need to take it!

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Informational based engagement didn’t move me to change. Incentive based engagement rewarded me for things I should be doing. Wellvibe nudged me to wake up to who I was and who I should be. It was outside technology that woke up the inside of me to have the desire to be healthier, for me and the people I care about.
CEO, McGohan Brabender